Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mr Burns & His Incredible Knitted Beard

There is clearly a lesson to be learned from cutting a picture from the Sunday Times 'Style' guide and sending it to my Mother.

Up until today, the only beard in our house belonged to Hobbs and graced his fuzzy, little face in a Will Shakespeare way.

Now, thanks to Mother and her knitting skills, I have to live with this:
Words cannot even begin to describe my fear...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Computers - Crash or Credit

I have to apologise for the lack of any update over the last few weeks - basically it's because I've been mourning my beloved Mac.

For months it had been crashing, stalling, refusing to start up and generally displaying worrying signs that all was not well in its little world.

Admittedly, it was so old in computer years that I was expecting a telegram to arrive any day from the Queen and Steve Jobs, but after one final - and rather monumental - hissy last weekend, it shut itself down and has remained sulking ever since. No amount of button pressing, cajoling, or re-installing will raise it from its cyber slumber.

There was nothing for it but to weigh up the cost implications or repair against renew. The latter won and I'm typing this on my teeny, tiny, new net book.

I hate to admit this while my Mac sits in the study - its keyboard still warm from my touch - but I love this dinky, little delight that responds to my every need and fits happily in my handbag.

The only downside? I had to buy it on my credit card. I know, don't say it...